CONCORDE VALVES AND AUTOMATIONS provides a variety of Pneumatic Butterfly Valves. These type of valves are known for their durability and long lasting life so they are preferred by clients all over the world. We are providing the valves with pressure classes, such as PN10, PN16, PN20, PN25, and PN40.

The Pneumatic Butterfly Valves are provided in both single acting and double acting actuators. These valves belong to the quarter turn valves family.They are fixed by installing it into rigid pipework between two flanges according to EN1092. These valves are also suitable for vacuum places and that’s why they are the first choice of plumbers.

Mostly these valves are used for industrial and domestic applications. They go with all kind of flow like hot water, cold water, HVAC, condenser, compressed air and vacuum.

The Pneumatic butterfly Valves will come with various accessories in it such as electric end position signal, I/P or P/P positioner, control of moving speed, mounted manual pneumatic control valve, etc. Let’s check out the working and characteristics of these valves.

Features Of Pneumatic Actuator

pneumatic ball valves
pneumatic actuated ball valves
pneumatic operated ball valves
  1. Indicator:It is a mounting accessory with a Namur mounting which is standard for all pneumatic operators.
  2. Pinion: Pinion offers maximal wear resistance to the valve. It is made of accustomed alloy steel and is plated with 15um nickel to reduce friction.
  3. ActuatorBody: It is made of anodized aluminum ejection of which gives protection against corrosion and reduce the piston friction.
  4. End Caps: These caps offers maximum resistance against embryonic corrosive elements.
  5. Pistons: The aluminum pistons are contoured with high quality rings and guides. The piston design and the twin rack develop a continuous torque on all operators.
  6. Travel Adjustment: There are two external adjustment bolts in the actuator that offers a standard adjustment of 5 degrees in both open and closed positions.
  7. High performance springs: The preloaded high tensile steel springs providelong services with the corrosion resistant Epoxy coated on it.
  8. Bearing and guides: This provides a long life to the actuator by offering minimum friction.
  9. O-rings: These rings are for execution of trouble-free operation at standard temperature ranges.

Product Details

  • On / OFF Indicator
  • NAMUR Standard Solenoid Valve in all Standard Coil Voltage
  • I/P Transducer (Convertor)
  • Pneumatic valve positioner
  • Electro-Pneumatic valve positioner
  • Declutchable Manual Over - ride
  • Limit Switches for On / Off Indication at Panel board
  • Filter + Regulator Combination with Pressure Gauge
  • Air Lock Valve
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Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

Looking for the best Pneumatic Butterfly Valves manufacturers in India? Concorde Valves and Automations is your destination. Our company provides perfectly developed solutions for a wide variety of applications in industry. Concorde Valves and Automations has made a name for itself in the market by supplying high-quality Pneumatic Butterfly Valves that adhere to rigid performance and reliability parameters. The company is dedicated to perfection.

To ensure sustainability and durability, our Pneumatic Butterfly Valves manufacturers are expertly supplying premium materials and advanced technology. These valves' sturdy design makes them appropriate for demanding environments and provides toughness in the face of difficult circumstances.

We at Concorde stand out for our constant commitment to engineering quality. Our precision-designed pneumatic butterfly valve actuator offer perfect flow control, guaranteeing smooth and effective performance across a range of applications. The overall effectiveness of a product is increased by the quick and accurate control offered by the pneumatic butterfly valve actuator actuation technology.

We understand the unique demands that each industry has. Many industries, including chemical processing, water treatment, oil & gas, and more, use our pneumatic butterfly valves. Our valves improve system performance, isolating specific areas, and control flow with consistency and reliability.

Actuator Operated Butterfly Valve

Actuator operated butterfly valves are our latest valve solution that Concorde Valves and Automations provided. We feel very happy as a top dealer. We provide a wide variety of quality valves that are engineered to satisfy the differing demands of different sectors with a lifetime quality commitment.

The flawless management of fluid flow is only possible by the accurate control and automation developed into our actuator operated butterfly valves. Strong construction offers longevity and dependability in challenging uses of these valves. Actuator technology gives customers exact and efficient control over how the valve operates.

For projects requiring quick and dependable automation, Concorde Valves and Automations’ Pneumatic Operated Butterfly Valves are the perfect answer. These perfectly crafted valves are intended to lower operating complications and boost efficiency. Pneumatic actuation systems are an effective choice for industrial operations because they provide accurate flow control and quick reaction time.

Our Pneumatic Actuator Operated Butterfly Valves provide a flexible alternative for individuals looking for a combination of automation and pneumatic actuation. These valves offer an effective method of controlling fluids by effortlessly integrating modern technologies. The fast and accurate control provided by the pneumatic actuator improves the overall performance of the system.

Pneumatic Wafer Butterfly Valve

Concorde is well-known as the Stockiest and Dealer of wafer-type butterfly valves, we provide Pneumatic Wafer Butterfly Valve to multiple cities.

We offer a broad range of Wafer Type Butterfly Valves with Pneumatic Actuator Operation that have outstanding characteristics including temperature ranges of -20°C to 80°C and pressure ratings of PN 10 / PN 16; we additionally offer PN 20 as per customer request.