Manual Butterfly Valves are a common option for simple applications where the cost of the valve and its operation is important. These valves have a basic structure and use a round plate as the closing part that is fixed on a rod. To adjust the flow through the pipeline, an external actuator—such as a hand wheel or gear—rotates the disc. Butterfly valves are small from face to face and take less area to install than other types of valves. They are also easy to maintain and install. However, because of its high rate of leakage and difficulty to accurately set the disc, manual butterfly valves are not suitable for operations needing tight shutting down or control. For low-pressure situations which need to be adjusted or rarely handled, these valves are suitable. Because of their low price, ease of use, and convenience of use, manual butterfly valves continue to be a common option in a variety of industries, like food and beverage, pharmaceutical, water treatment, and HVAC, even with their limitations.

Moreover, a variety of components, including PVC, cast iron, and stainless steel, are available for manual butterfly valves in order to fit a range of media outlets, situations, and tasks. The materials used in construction are defined by the particular application, which includes parameters like temperature, pressure, and whether the fluid is transported is acidic or tough. The act of lubricating and adjusting the actuator connection on a regular basis is a requirement of manual butterfly valves.


We have the exclusive stock & are the trader of KITZ ALUMINIUM BUTTERFLY VALVES from sizes ranging from 40mm to 300mm ready stock.

Product Details:

Valve Size 40MM TO 600MM
Media Water, Air, Gas
Pressure PN 10 & PN 16
Brand KITZ
Temperature of Media Low Temperature, Medium Temperature


Kitz Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve in a distinctive range of sizes following all the norms and standards set by industry accurately. Kitz Ductile Iron valves are manufactured with impeccable quality.

Product Details:

SHAFT 13 Cr SS/ AISI 410


CONCORDE VALVES AND AUTOMATIONS provides variety of Butterfly Valves , these type of valves are known for their durability and long lasting life so it is prefered by clients all over the world. We are providing the valves with pressure classes, such as PN10, PN16, PN20, PN25, PN40.

Product Details:

Body I.C./ CI(IS 210 Gr.FG 200/ 220)WCB/ S.S.304/ S.S.316
Disc CF8/ CF8M/ CF3M/ S.G. Iron/ Teflon Coated /Powder Coated Nylon Coated/Rubber Line
Seat EPDM/ Nitrile/ Hayplon/ Viton/ Moulded or Replaceable muffler type
Shaft AISI 410/ CF8/ CF8M/ CF3M
Valve Type: Centric Disc Butterfly Valve with a single piece rubber lined body
Body Type Short wafer (sandwiched between flanges)
Seat type Integrally Moulded with the body
End Connection Wafer Sandwiched(Lug Type On Request)
Pressure rating PN 10 / PN 16(On Request)
Oper.Temp.range -25℃ to 130℃(depending on MOC)
Seat Leakage Tight shut off
Operation Hand lever for sizes from 40MM to 350MM ,Worm gear boxes for 40 MM to 1000MM


CONCORDE VALVES AND AUTOMATIONS provides wide range of High performance Valves, these type of valves are prefered by clients for its heavy-duty, automatic throttling control flow for applications involving large flow rates and moderate pressure drops. It incorporates the two basic features of the high performance butterfly valve types: a PTFE, RTFE, or metal seal ring instead of a liner and double offset (eccentric operation) to reduce seal friction and operating torque and provide superior performance .We provide some of the high performance valves like Handle Operated Spherical Disc Valve and Worm Gear Operated Spherical Disc Valve too.

Spherical Disc Butterfly valves are also known as High Performance Butterlfy valves due its toughness & rigidity. The reason why they are termed as HIGH PERFORMANCE category is because it can with stand Temperatures Ranging from -25 0 C to 1800 C for soft seating & -25 0 C to 6000 C for Metal to Metal seat. Spherical disc butterfly valve can handle liquid fluid in large amount. Its specific rotational structure and sealing surface provides the self-cleaning function of the valve. It has a long working life due to its specially designed parts, which can crush solid particles smoothly.That is why they are used in pipeline control application such as high water tank, piping network, sewage system or any other backflow preventing system.

The Design of the Disc is Double Eccentric in nature. They come is various grades of metals like WCB, SS 304, SS316. The best part is that the valve is fully metal to metal apart from just PTFE seal which ensures Tight shut off & gives Class 6 leakage possibility. The Spherical Disc Butterfly valve can be operated by LEVER, GEAR, PNEUMATICALLY & ELECTRICALLY.

Product Details:

Size Range 1.1/2” to 48”
Construction type Double Eccentric Disc Design
Body WCB / CF8 / CF8M
Disc WCB / CF8 / CF8M
Seat PTFE (available EPDM/Metal to Metal)
Shaft AISI 410/ 304/ 316
Plate Mounting NAMUR Standard
Pressure Rating ANSI 150 Class, ANSI 300 Class(On Request)
End Connection Wafer/ Sandwiched
Operating Temp Range: -25℃ to 180℃(Soft Seating), -25℃ to 600℃ (Metal to Metal Seating)
Operation Hand Lever, Worm Gear box, Pneumatic Actuated, Electrical Actuated

Butterfly Valve Manual Actuator

A mechanical instrument used for moving or controlling a system or mechanism is called an actuator. As part of the butterfly valve manual actuator, it is normally actuated by a mechanical device that transforms energy, which is usually produced by liquid, air, or electricity—into movement.

A butterfly valve is a type of flow control valve where the plate of metal has a disk-like shape. The method by which it operates is like a ball valve. In the exact center of the pipe is a plate or disc. A rod that is attached to an actuator outside the actuated butterfly valve goes through the disc. The disc can be rotated so that it runs either parallel or perpendicular to the flow by rotating the actuator. As opposed to a ball valve, which is continuously out of the flow, a disc valve generates a pressure drop in the flow no matter the valve's position.

Using a disk that rotates on a diametric spindle inside a pipe or two semicircular plates mounted on a common spindle to allow flow in only one direction, a butterfly valve manual actuator manages the flow of gas or liquid. With a small design, these actuated manual butterfly valves have a spinning head movement of 90 degrees or less. Butterfly valves don't have any gaps where fluids could get stuck when the valve is closed, when compared to ball valves.

Manually Operated Butterfly valves

Manually Operated Butterfly valve can be turned by a hand wheel, a crank, or lever. Typically, smaller manual valves have a lever attached. Hand wheels are included with bigger sizes, and they work in combination with a gearing to transfer torque with a strong mechanical boost.

Concorde Valves and Automations is happy to announce our Manual Operated Butterfly Valve, a trustworthy and flexible option for accurate flow control in a range of commercial applications. This valve is designed to be as highly accurate and durable as possible, reaching the highest requirements for effectiveness and operation.

Multiple industry sectors, like chemical processing, water treatment, HVAC, and more, can use this valve. Because of its ability to adapt to different temperatures and pressures, it may be depended upon in a variety of configurations.

Keep your trust in Concorde’s Manual Operated Butterfly Valve strength, accuracy, and versatility for bettering your fluid control systems. This valve is your most liked option for flawless operation and long-lasting work especially for isolating or regulatory purposes. With confidence, enhance your industrial processes by utilizing this superior manual operated butterfly valve.