We are one of the leading ball valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India producing various types of ball valve and accessories. The pneumatic operated ball valves comes in two variations- 2 Piece Design & 3 piece design

Pneumatic operated ball valve controls the speed of a liquid, gas on a ball that spins on a bore. These ball valves are handled by pneumatic actuators, which convert compressed air energy into mechanical motion. A pneumatic actuator powers and spins the rotating ball.

Pneumatic operated ball valve comes in a variety of sizes and container types, so you may choose the one that best matches what you need. Air-operated ball valves are usually used when controlling a fluid flow, for example in a water pipe or air hose. One of the most frequently used valves is the pneumatic ball valve because of its wide range of application uses, long service life, simple to use, and consistency.

Actuated operated ball valve is a ball-type pipe valve that rotates and can be installed utilizing an actuator as it does not have the manual turn handle. Sanitary, plumbing and liquid flows are controlled by automating valve opening and closing with the use of valves and an actuator device. Human worker participation with the valve is not necessary because of this automation. Concorde's actuated operated ball valve can be used with actuators of the electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic (air) types. The actuator is an important component for the operation of the valves, as they cannot be operated without them. As mounting kits are specific to actuator types, they are not provided in order to give flexibility among actuator models and brands. There are mounting pads available for ISO 5211 which allow the valve to be mounted directly to your actuator instrument.

2 Piece Design Pneumatic Operated/Actuated Ball Valves

pneumatic operated ball valves
pneumatic Actuated ball valves
pneumatic ball valves

Two-piece ball valves are some of the most common ball valves used. As the name suggests, the two piece ball valve consists of two pieces, one piece that has one end connection and the body. The second piece fits into the first, holds the trim in place and includes the second end connection. Once installed these valves typically cannot be repaired unless they are removed from service. The main advantage of a two piece design ball valves is, the fluid resistance is small. The resistance coefficient is equal to that of the pipe of the same length. Simple structure, small size, lightweight.

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3 Piece Design Pneumatic Operated/Actuated Ball Valves

pneumatic ball valves
pneumatic operated ball valves

Three-piece ball valves consist of three pieces: two end caps and a body. The end caps are typically threaded or welded or flanged end, the main body section may be easily removed for cleaning or repair without removing the end caps. This can be a very valuable option because it prevents a line shutdown if maintenance is required. Since the main body of a 3-piece ball valve can be removed for cleaning and maintenance, it is often the most cost-effective option in the long run. Changing seats and seals is more affordable than replacing the entire valve, and not having to remove the pipe connectors prevents a line shutdown should maintenance be required.

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Features Of Pneumatic Actuator

pneumatic operated ball valves
Pneumatic ball valves
Pneumatic Actuated ball valves
  1. Indicator:It is a mounting accessory with a Namur mounting which is standard for all pneumatic operators.
  2. Pinion: Pinion offers maximal wear resistance to the valve. It is made of accustomed alloy steel and is plated with 15um nickel to reduce friction.
  3. ActuatorBody: It is made of anodized aluminum ejection of which gives protection against corrosion and reduce the piston friction.
  4. End Caps: These caps offers maximum resistance against embryonic corrosive elements.
  5. Pistons: The aluminum pistons are contoured with high quality rings and guides. The piston design and the twin rack develop a continuous torque on all operators.
  6. Travel Adjustment: There are two external adjustment bolts in the actuator that offers a standard adjustment of 5 degrees in both open and closed positions.
  7. High performance springs: The preloaded high tensile steel springs providelong services with the corrosion resistant Epoxy coated on it.
  8. Bearing and guides: This provides a long life to the actuator by offering minimum friction.
  9. O-rings: These rings are for execution of trouble-free operation at standard temperature ranges.

Product Details

  • On / OFF Indicator
  • NAMUR Standard Solenoid Valve in all Standard Coil Voltage
  • I/P Transducer (Convertor)
  • Pneumatic valve positioner
  • Electro-Pneumatic valve positioner
  • Declutchable Manual Over - ride
  • Limit Switches for On / Off Indication at Panel board
  • Filter + Regulator Combination with Pressure Gauge
  • Air Lock Valve
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Usage of Actuated operated ball valve

Ball valves that are operated by actuator connection allow systems to regulate valve opening and closing. For measuring flow, they typically have flow meters or gauge monitors fitted. Actuated valves have numerous uses in mining operations, power plants, food and beverage facilities, manufacturing companies, chemical handling, refineries, and other energy-related industries. They also play a major role in the production of clean water, aquariums, aquatic and animal care, chemical synthesis, metals, and plating processes, and they're also used in wastewater handling, municipal treatment facilities, and clean water production.

Pneumatic actuated ball valve

The ball valve and the pneumatic actuator- Two main parts of the pneumatic actuated ball valve. Generally, an ordinary flange that conforms to ISO 5211 is utilized for connecting them together. This makes it possible to substitute the ball valve and pneumatic actuator with another one that has the same flange size. The ISO 5211 standard defines several flange sizes, including F03, F04, and F05. Verify that the actuator and operating unit have the same flange size and diameter.

There are two types of pneumatic actuators. One is single and the second is double acting. Compressed air helps the ball to rotate in only one direction by using a single-acting pneumatic actuator, and then it returns again to its initial position with a spring. Compressed air is also needed for a double-acting pneumatic actuator to rotate the ball in both directions. For bigger and stronger valves, an air-actuated ball valve is a safe solution that usually needs less investment than an electric ball valve.

Concorde Valves and Automations is a leading Pneumatic Actuator Ball Valve manufacturers in India because of our huge collection of Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valves. They are made with the best materials and components and the most modern technology. The Valves provide perfect functioning for a longer period of time. They are able to tolerate high temperatures and have a high tensile force. The ball valves handled by pneumatic actuators provide outstanding results and effectively perform various tasks in many different kinds of industries.