Pulse Jet Valves / Dust Collector

Pulse Jet valves are also called as DUST COLLECTOR. They are indirect type solenoid valves. When the solenoid of pulse jet valves gets energized, air trapped in the diaphragm is exhausted causing pressure difference in the diaphragm. Then the diaphragm is suddenly opened. When it is de-energized, air passes through the hole to the chamber which can balance the air pressure and close the valve. The opening and closing of the valve are done very fast for filter cleaning and consumption of compressed air effectively. Moving parts of the valve are kept small for minimum inertia but KV values are very high. Dust collector systems are very useful for removing solid pollutants or recovering valuables from exhaust gases before discharging them to the atmosphere.

Our offered pulse jet valves are well known for their reliability, durability, effective operation, compact size, efficient controls, and power saving characteristics.