Size Range : 1/4" To 6" Secrewed / Flanged

How Machines are damaged by Moisturized Air

We supply MOISTURE SEPERATOR Compressed Air is vulnerable to Various types of contamination which greatly reduce its value as a power source and which can have a profound effect on the machinery that it operates. Moisture is most common contaminant present, and the one which probably causes the most damage. There is approximately abut 35gms of water in one cubic meter of atmospheric air. A cubic meter of air weighs approximately 1 kg (1000gms). This means 3.5% of air may be moisture, It is harmful in compressed air Pipelines. Over 80% of this nuisance.

Comprises of particles less than 2 microns in size and these easily pass through a typical compressor intake filter. This moisture must be removed from the compressed air line at best it corrodes, erodes pipeline and equipment, damages coatings, contaminates lubricants, washes it from pneumatic loops etc. now 1 NM3 of air will hold only 35 gms of water at ambient temperature. The system will release the liquid water, oil etc. Beyond 35gms i.e. 245gms per IVF of air. The liquid will be in fog/aerosol form and be carried into the pipe work Down-stream. The wet air will generate large quantity of rust and scale. Hence moisture is the most un-welcome product in compressed air system.