Automatic Drain Valve

General Description

AUTO DRAIN VALVE automatically drains water from compressed air systems. Applications include air dryers, separator, coalescing filters and drop legs. The proper size and quality fittings should be used with ample inside diameters as not to restrict the flow to the ADT-A Adjustment of the timer ON time and OFF cycle time allows for optimal system drainage.

Due to cooling of compressed air, condensation of oil & water vapour takes place in Moisture Separators, Air Receivers, Filters, etc. Regular draining of these equipment is an essential maintenance function. By installing Auto Drain Valve, you can ensure that all equipment of the Compressed Air System get drained regularly without manual dependence, except for periodic checks. Low cost timer based ADVs are commonly used, but for larger Systems, zero air loss level based ADVs are used

The 'LEVEL SENSING Automatic Drain Valve operation is level - based without any timer. The ADV has a Reservoir (in which condensate accumulates) connected to a drain valve which opens when condensate level reaches the top and closes when condensate level reaches the bottom. These operations are carried out by sensors placed at different levels of the reservoir. By this method only condensate is drained when the ADV opens and there is no loss of compressed air, resulting in saving of energy.

The reservoir & valve sizes are matched with the size and type, tools to be drained, so that the ADV does not work too often. Isolation valve & strainer are providing along with the ADV, for simple cleaning & servicing.

Technical Specifications

Valve Body CF8
Connection 1/2" BSP
Coil Voltage 230V, 110, 24,12V, AC/DC Available on Request
Pressure Upto 10kg/cm2
Temperature 85° C
Time on 0.5 to 10 Sec.
Time Off 0.5 to 45 minute
Manualoverride Reset